Mid Lane Hero: Dota’s Big 6.82 Patch

MOBA’s are pretty big. With the recent The International 4 reaching a massive prize pool of nearly $11 million, it’s safe to say that changing anything would be similar to changing a rule in a sport.

Mid Lane Hero will be my venture into the MOBA genre, covering the major patches to the two big ones, Dota 2 and League of Legends as well as anything that is trying to break into the scene.

Arguably the biggest feature of any MOBA that has to be taken into consideration when going into play is the map. Most MOBA’s only have one map that is crafted to provide a competitive arena that allows for team fights and strategic “ganking” of the opponent. Usually once the game launches, changes to the map are never seen. This is largely due to the fact that changing any of it changes the way the game is played and can mix up tactics and pathing while playing the gamDota 2’s 6.82 patch decides that it wants to break the norm and change things up a bit, while adding a few more things to really change the game up.

With 6.82 the changes aren’t exactly major. A couple of paths in the Radiant jungle have been opened up, as well as a couple of new paths that lead from the Dire tier 1 tower to their Secret Shop.

Radiant paths
Dire paths
What’s this?

The shots above give a general idea of where these paths are made, but something is also different in the last picture regarding the Rosh Pit. There is a new ward spot which also comes with another change.


The previous location of Rosh, which was by the stairs in the above photo is no longer valid. Instead, it has been moved closer to the Dire side of the bottom lane. Overall, thought was that this would give Dire an advantage to gaining access, but overall the, the usual route (coming from Raidant jungle into Rosh) is actually more quick and effective. It also usually gives sight to the bottom rune to either team no matter the point of entry. Rosh is also slightly stronger now as an overall buff, but the change isn’t too terribly noticeable in your normal game.

Back on the topic of runes, a new one has been introduced. The bounty rune is the new addition. Instead of an overall buff that is given to the player for a short time, a small amount of gold and experience will be granted upon grabbing it. As the game progresses, the amount of bonus gold and experience increases.


No matter what, this guy spawns in either location. It does not replace any of the buff runes.

A new item has also been added. The Crimson Guard is produced from a Vanguard, a Buckler and of course the required recipe. This item works very much the same way as a Vanguard does, but the active trigger raises a shield around all nearby party members that blocks 50 damage from each hit taken for the next nine seconds.

A fight recap system that provide details on the most recent fight has also been added, providing details on the overall exchange of gold and experience between the teams. It really seems to help with determining if a fight was worth it or not.

As well as the additions and map changes, the following characters have been reworked:

  • Shadow Fiend 
  • Blood Seeker
  • Phantom Lancer

The entire patch list and changes to characters and items can be read here.

How does this change the average game?

I’m by no means a professional Dota player. However, playing in ranges of games that vary between 2k MMR and 4.5k MMR, I can safely say that the average game (one that doesn’t have a throw from either side) has gotten slightly longer. If both teams are evenly matched, I’ve had quite a few matches that reach the length of 70 minutes. However, all the changes to the characters and items has lead to there being more action between the teams. More fights, more fighting over creep and denies has lead to a more involved but oddly simpler experience that may appeal to new players while keeping the old players interested. The larger numbers in terms of gold, kills and the like has been a huge change, but seems to have all players excited and more competitive than ever.

Bloodseeker is totally broken though. 

Dota 2 is available only through the Steam service. If you’ve never tried it or have a passing interest in the competitive scene and trying to learn, many tools are available in game to get you going. It can be downloaded from the Steam Store.

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