PlayStation Now coming to Samsung Smart TVs in 2015

In a move that surprises no one, Sony announced today that it would be launching a PlayStation Now app on future Samsung Smart TVs.

The app will be available to test at CES 2015, and will launch sometime next year. The service will be available as a downloadable app (no word if any TVs will come with the feature built in) and will be playable using a sold-separately DualShock 4. It seems that the service will work exactly how it does on consoles right now, streaming the games from a virtual PS3, kinda like how OnLive worked.

My Thoughts:┬áThis may be one of the first of many death knells for Sony TVs. We don’t even have hard details on when and if PS Now is coming to Sony sets. It’s obvious that Sony is realizing that their Computer Entertainment division is one of the only successful one, and is pushing that over its other brands. Which is kind of a shame – Sony TVs have some of the best panels in the business. And the decision to sell the controller separately is a shame, but makes sense for Sony.

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