Obscured By Sales: Steam Holiday Sale 2014

The holiday sale on Steam is hardly the best time to release your little game. Unless you’re selling like hot cakes, you’re not going to come anywhere near the front page. So, here’s all the most interesting-looking games released from December 17-January 2, during Steam’s 2014 Holiday Sale.

Verde Station – $9.99

Appears to be some sort of walking simulator set on a spacecraft. Promises two mind-blows. Steam reviews: 78% positive.

Runes of Brennos – $4.99 – Early Access

Looks like a more fleshed out version of Artix Entertainment’s Bladehaven, only with spells this time instead of swords. Features online multiplayer and an “exciting single player campaign!”. Steam reviews: None.

The Repopulation – $39.99 – Early Access

Another intriguing MMO going for the whole hardcore open-ended, PVP, economy, freedom, sandbox thing like Darkfall. This one looks pretty neat, with two modes, Action and RPG, to switch between, and seemingly complex progression systems. Steam reviews: 100%.

Dwarf Tower – $2.99

Turn-based game of building up a tower and destroying the other guy’s tower in the distance. Attach various functional rooms to your tower and cast offensive spells. Steam reviews: 50%.

SilverQuest: Gaiden -$5.99 – Early Access

Look at this fucking art. This game is beautiful. It looks like it’s some sort of roguelike with an emphasis on modding and a giant, growing “database”. How mysterious. Steam reviews: None.

Into Blue Valley – $9.99

Interesting-looking game set to look like a found-footage movie (I know, but the video looks pretty decent. And all the shaky cam is the fault of your shit mouse!). I’m honestly pretty intrigued by this store page, and I’m very interested to know what’s going on in Blue Valley… for whatever reason. Steam reviews: 100%.

sZone-Online – $0.99 – Early Access

Another apocalyptic survival MMO. This one looks interesting both because it’s $0.99 and there’s a screenshot of you facing a giant spider. Steam reviews: 81%.

The Way Of Life – Free – Early Access

You tell me. Steam reviews: 86%.

Star Nomad – $3.99

Sandbox space sim, really emphasizes your options to “explore, trade, fight and plunder”. Steam reviews: 100%.

Xyson – Prelude – $29.99

…another apocalyptic MMO. This one is a little weird, as it describes itself as an “apocalyptic fantasy”. It also seems to have the whole living breathing economy thing going on, and players can “create the world they want to live in”. Steam reviews: 83%.

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