Goodbye Club Nintendo!

Club Nintendo, in one form or another, has been a huge hit with customers of Nintendo. The concept of adding a code to most Nintendo products for redemption for virtual currency that could in return be used for downloadables and various physical goodies has become a global success and way of keeping fans of Nintendo happy long after the purchase of their new console or games. However, news hit today that Club Nintendo will be closing down.

Fret not, though! Club Nintendo is only shutting down to make room for a new customer loyalty program. As of yet, no details on the new program have been released. For sure we know that Club Nintendo in all forms will be shutting down globally following a schedule to allow users to redeem remaining codes and use the points from said codes for the last remaining bits of physical goodies, a soon to be updated downloadable catalog and a new set of gifts for both Gold and Platinum status Elite members.

The time frame for the closing is as follows:

1/20/15 – Products released after this date will be ineligible for registration.

3/31/15 – The last day to register products for Coins (or Stars, depending on your location) and last day for Club Nintendo sign ups.

6/30/15- This is the last day to redeem your Coins (or Stars) for your rewards. At 11:59 PM PT, the service will shut down.

The notice from Nintendo of America themselves can be read here

There is no better time then now to redeem all those left over codes from the holidays and old cases that have been laying around for years and years. I’d personally suggest waiting on using the Coins until the update on the rewards, though!

As soon as there’s more information regarding what the new service will be and the update to the current rewards list, we’ll let you know.

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