Lionbite Games Debuts “Rain of Reflections”, Looks Pretty Mint

In case all that new Shadowrun stuff isn’t quenching your thirst for cyberpunk noir RPGs (and I wouldn’t blame you if that thirst is unquenchable), then Swedish indies Lionbite Games has you covered with their debut game, Rain of Reflections. I wasn’t able to glean much from the trailer except for seemingly three main characters, a story about what look like robots, and a not-so-subtle hint that this may be a top-down, turn-based affair not unlike a Divinity: Original Sin or an XCOM.

Rain of Reflections showing me the goods.

Either way, some other details from the announcement are especially interesting. You’re encouraged to explore the game’s world, and keeping the mood straight is key to them – there’ll be no audiologs or collectible notes. Every battle will be meaningful, and there will be little to no grinding – the announcement emphasizes “constantly moving forward”. Or maybe you won’t battle at all, and will use your environment or your conversational skills to wriggle your way out.

Read the full announcement here.

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