Dennaton Games Gives Us the Wrong Number

The Hotline Miami Twitter account left us a mysterious number and perhaps a hint at a little something special. You know, something like a potential release date.

Upon calling this number we get a message “Together we march into the future. You have reached a wrong number” before a beep ends your call. Entering the extension (10), nothing happens, but triggers the beep earlier if you enter it during the prerecorded message. That’s not a lot of information, but it could potentially lead us to a release date. “March into the future” mixed with the extension of 10 leads me to believe that we’ll see a release, or at the very least, more information on a release March 10th. The 10th is a Tuesday, so it would line up with the fact that many, many games release on a Tuesday. Time to play the waiting game.

My thoughts:  Squealing noises.

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