Sony Online Entertainment No Longer Part of Sony

On top of that, it’s not longer called Sony Online Entertainment either. Instead, it now flaunts a new name that makes it sound like all it’ll produce from here on out are free-to-play zombie titles.

The formerly known Sony Online Entertainment is now Daybreak Game Company after it was sold off by Sony to Columbus Nova, an investment firm that I’m fairly certain hardly anyone has heard of. Despite the interesting name change,  it appears that they will be allowed to operate as they have, continuing with their current plans and support for the already published games.

Makes you wonder if we’ll end up seeing Planetside 2 hit Xbox One, eh?

If John Smedley (current Daybreak Game Company president) has said something like this, I’m sure it’s not too far out of the question.

My thoughts: It happened. Time will tell if they’re really allowed to operate as they have been. If so, I think everything will be perfectly fine, especially if they do move into the Xbox One market with Planetside. More people, more money, better product. Also, who is Columbus Nova? I seriously have no idea, and it makes you wonder if they’ll make more moves like this.

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