Persona Super Live Ends With New Persona 5 Trailer

But there’s still no stinkin release date. But that doesn’t really matter because everything else is looking pretty slick.

There were quite a few people who stayed up much past their bed times to watch the end of the Persona Super Live stream that ended just a few minutes ago (it’s currently 7:19 AM EST at the time of writing) and I feel that a lot of us were expecting to get some sort of release date for the upcoming Atlus RPG Persona 5. While we didn’t get to see any numbers, besides the big old five, we did get to see some gameplay and some super slick menus. There are some .gifs belows showing the menus and gameplay off. Because seriously, I could watch these for days.








Looks like there might be a few other changes to gameplay overall, but I won’t comment on that until we have more footage and just know more overall. However, it does seem to be shaping up to be something quite amazing.

My thoughts: I’ve never personally beaten a Persona game, but I very, very much love the series and what it has done for gaming as a whole. I’ll beat one one day, but let me tell you… I’ve been excited for this ever since we’ve known it has been coming. It does not look like it’s going to disappoint. 

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