Well, Um, There’s A New Trapped Dead Game

Remember Trapped Dead? No? Good. It was shit. They’re trying another one though, and it seems to be a different sort of thing. Bigmoon Studios is billing Trapped Dead: Lockdown as a straight up hack & slash RPG.

Five characters are detailed, including the marine, the butcher, the assassin, the marshal and the exorcist. Each character is connected to the zombified town in question in their own way, and have their own motivations to discover in their respective campaigns.

Each class will have different abilities and skill trees. Obviously.
Each class will have different abilities and skill trees. Obviously.

The press release details a two-weapon system, allowing you to wield two weapons to your tactical liking, or use a larger two-handed weapon. They may be overselling the significance of this system a bit, but they seem fairly excited about it. It does also say, however, that there are hundreds of weapons and also some vehicles, so I believe them when they say that combat is going to be diverse at least.

Trapped Dead: Lockdown will be releasing on March 20, 2015 on PC, Mac and Linux.

My thoughts: This is interesting, considering how really bad Trapped Dead was. Lockdown sounds ambitious at the very least. I like the thought of five different characters being fleshed out through individual campaigns, though we have yet to see if they’re actually being fleshed out at all. A five-player hack & slash does sound like a neat thing to have though, so we’ll see. Boy, does that interface look like shit though.

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