Rock Band 4 Hits This Year

Earlier this year, the Rock Band website had thrown a small questionnaire up leading many to believe that Rock Band 4 was coming, and that it was coming soon.Thankfully, it’s much less of a guess than it is a reality now. Rock Band 4 is coming this year.

Coming (for the time being) exclusively to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Rock Band 4 will be out sometime this year according to the FAQ Harmonix released on their forums. Also stated in that same FAQ, they assure fans that their old DLC will carry over as long as you’ve gone from the same companies console, i.e. PS3 > PS4. Also stated is that they’ll be working on trying to make your old instruments work with the new consoles, but in case you don’t have those they’ve teamed up with Mad Catz (which if their newer products are a sign of anything), turns out to be a great thing to hear.

As of the moment, there’s no specific release date or price but the itch for plastic jammin’ is finally going to be scratched.

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