THUMPER What Are You/Why Do I Want You?

I honestly have no idea what THUMPER is, but I can tell that it’s something that I want.

THUMPER is a “rhythm violence” game being created by a small team by the name of Drool LLC comprised of Brian Gibson and Marc Flury, both veterans to the music game industry having worked on titles such as Rock Band and Dance Central. Rock Band, this is not. I’m not exactly sure what is going on through the footage that they’ve shown off, but it certainly seems like something I want. Seems like it’s trying to appeal to fans of the rhythm game genre as well as those into action games. I really can’t wait to see what this turns out to be.

Droning noise, high speeds and bright flashing colors that are likely to make me sick… Sick.

There’s no release date or even an idea of what platforms it’ll be on but I’m sure when and where it hits killing Crakhed will be an exciting and fresh experience.

You can check out the “Rhythm Violence” Teaser below. Fair warning to those prone to epileptic seizures. 

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