U.R.F. Hits League of Legends… Again!

Last year on the first of April, League of Legends was introduced to something that made the already quick gameplay quicker, the right mouse clicks faster and spamming your Q to hopefully pull it off at a speed too fast for the human eye. U.R.F. or Ultra Rapid Fire mode was a huge hit with the community, and it’s back once again.

The U.R.F. buff appropriately named the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing does the following while in U.R.F. mode:

  • Removes mana and energy costs
  • Any health cost is reduced by 50%
  • 80% cooldown reduction on EVERYTHING
  • 25% tenacity
  • +60 to movement speed
  • +50% attack speed (100% for ranged)
  • Critical strikes do 220% of base damange
  • 500% the normal amount of gold
  • Everything deals tons of damange
  • Everything has tons of health

Along with the buff, finisher icons have been added for 250RP each which leave a fancy looking mark where you killed a foe, two new summoner icons have also been added along with a ward skin. The Gentleman’s Bundle has also been marked at 30% off making it 3401 RP. In typical Riot fashion, a new song has been produced for the celebration as well.

U.R.F. will be available for… who knows how long! Hopefully it’s permanent this time around.

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