Hello? Is This Thing On?

It IS still on. E3 is soon. I want to write.

Hello. Why am I back?

I want to come back to writing, and this is honestly the best place for it. ABOGJ for me has been the best opportunity to put words to some kind of “paper” and express my thoughts on what I have a passion for.

And that really goes for everyone else who has ever wanted to create some kind of content.

If it’s something that you enjoy and have wanted to do, I feel everyone should go for it in whatever way works for you. Be it opening a WordPress and putting your words down or making a video on YouTube you should do it. A lot of me in regards to falling off of writing had to do with an extreme lack of motivation, and a lot can take part in that. But after leaving I’ve had this itch to back, but kept looking at something that wasn’t quite important to me and found that it was really letting me down. Numbers.

Since this place opened up back in February of last year the site has only accumulated a little over 7,000 views, most of which came from a single article posted. Those kinds of numbers and discouraging. When you look at the big sites or channels or whatever it is that you look up to and see their huge numbers, while you can’t count to 7,000 on your fingers and toes, it’s really nothing compared to them. It really isn’t that important, though. When people around you tell you that you should do what you love simply because you enjoy it, they’re right. You shouldn’t go into writing solely for a return of views or monetary game and that goes for just about anything that requires any sort of creative aspect or media related talent.

It’s important to do what you love and to keep doing it no matter what happens. Don’t let yourself down and as much as this thing could have been this long rant or motivational post or me just giving a 10 word post yelling about me being back, I thought that maybe saying that if I can do it you can do it, maybe some people will go ahead and do what they’ve wanted to and even I can look back and my own words and keep going.

It’s not dead ’til we lose the domain.

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