Damn Am I Excited for E3 Again

Every year around this time I get really excited for E3 and I keep telling myself that I just shouldn’t be.

But I just can’t help it.

Seriously. Every year this huge collection of announcements and demos swings around and every year I’m disappointed. I look around my room to see the consoles that need use, the PC that could use a few new big games, see a leak or two of games that might just be announced in a couple of weeks and then remember that E3 is indeed coming up within a couple of weeks. Speculation fills my mind, ideas of what could possibly be and the possibility that the dream game that I didn’t even know I wanted could be in my hands within the next year. It gets me going.

At the same time, I know I’ll be let down. Back at E3 of 2009 we got the official announcement of The Last Guardian, something that will probably never come out. While it wasn’t awful, Watch Dogs was a let down. More recently, the game that I thought I always wanted, The Order: 1886 came out and left me incredibly disappointed. To every upside there is a downside, and sadly it seems like there’s a lot more “meh” and “bad” that ends up coming out of this bundle of conferences, but there’s always the good that comes out of it.

Far Cry 4 turned out to be quite good. Bloodborne has quickly turned into one of my favorite games of all time. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare seemed to be something that I wasn’t going to enjoy simply because I haven’t really enjoyed any of the Call of Duty franchise the last couple of years but turned out to be one of my favorite games last year. Hell, even the Grim Fandango REMASTER was an excellent purchase and I’m against a lot of these remasters that are coming out. Even a lot of the indies that have been announced have helped me feel like my PS4 and Vita purchases were worth it.

I’m excited, but I’m not setting myself up for disappointment. I plan on watching as much stuff as I can that comes from behinds the walls of the Los Angeles Convention Center and I know that I’ll start yelling about something when it’s announced or not announced but I won’t let myself be disappointed when something doesn’t happen. Suppose I should have given myself more time to get excited and enough time to prepare to be let down by some things, but that might have ruined the fun.

Hey can we get something on The Last Guardian please?

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