E3 time is here! Seeing as we’ll be posting quite a bit about it, this page is here to serve as a hub for all of our E3 2015 related content!

Pre-E3 Coverage

Damn, am I Excited For E3 Again – Editorial

Disembarking the Hype Train: Reasons to Stem Your E3 Excitement – Editorial

Bethesda Conference

New Doom Looks So Goddamn Cool Oh My God – News

Dishonored 2 Is Happening, Act Surprised – News

Fallout 4 Blows Up The End of The Bethesda Conference – News

Xbox/Microsoft Conference

ReCore: Keiji Inafune At Work! – News

Xbox One Gets 360 Backwards Compatibility… NOW – News

Now It’s Confirmed: Dark Souls 3 – News

Rare Replay: 30 Games, $30 – News

Rare Might Not be Dead! Sea of Thieves is Coming – News

Gears 4 Coming Holiday 2016 – News

EA Conference

Mass Effect: Andromeda Announced for Holiday 2016 – News

Gotta Go Fast: Need For Speed FMV Edition – News

EA Dropping New IP Unravel – News

Finally! Star Wars Battlefront Gets Gameplay Footage – News

Ubisoft Conference

South Park is Back in The Fractured But Whole – News

Ubisoft Has a New IP and Genre: For Honor – News

Get Ready for Space in Anno 2205 – News

Trackmania Gets a Coat of Paint: Trackmania Turbo – News

Excuse Me Ubisoft? Ghost Recon Wildlands Seems Mildly Interesting – News

Sony Conference


Horizon Zero Dawn Coming From Guerrilla Games – News

Hitman is Back as Hitman – News

That Final Fantasy VII Remake You Wanted Exists – News

Uhm, No One Knows What Dreams is – News

You Can Make Shenmue III Happen – News

Nintendo Digital Event

StarFox Zero Lets You Become An Ostrich – News

Zelda Co-op Comes Back in Tri Force Heroes – News

Hyrule Warriors on the Go – News

Fire Emblem Fates is Emotional Anime Goodness – News

Xenoblade Chronicles X to Hit Dcember 4, 2015 – News

Live the Dream of Interior Decorator in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – News

Animal Crossing amiibo Festival is Mario Party? – News

Yoshi’s Woolly World Rolls Onto Wii U October 16, 2015 – News

Whatever YO-KAI WATCH is, You Can Play it Holiday 2015 – News

Good Name: Mario & Luigi Paper Jam – News

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is Giant – News

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is Unexpected – News

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Completely Dodges Digital Event – News

Square Enix Conference

Thank You Shadow Lord! New NieR in the Works – News

Square Enix Announces Project Setsuna – News

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