Fallout 4 Blows Up the End of the Bethesda Conference

And there is a crazy amount of debris on the ground. Let’s sift through it together.

You make a character like Mario 64. And you can play as a female (naturally).

And there are third person conversation trees, that look straight ripped from a Telltale Game.

It runs on a next-gen version of the Fallout 3/New Vegas engine. The lighting looks good, and the models detailed, but the animation leaves a bit to be desired.

And there’s that dog. You can give commands to it.

VATS makes its return, too. But this time, things are still moving, so you actually need to make a choice of where you want to shoot.

The Pip-Boy is back. You can play mini games on it. And a real one comes with the limited edition. You can put your phone into it.

You know what else you can do with your phone? Play Fallout on it. It’s a vault management sim called Fallout Shelter. It looks super slick. It’s gonna be free, offline, and timer-less. And it’s out RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. If you have an iOS device, that is. Sigh….

ANYWAYS, you can build a complex¬†from scraps you find around the wasteland, piece by piece. It looks really in-depth and engaging, and you kinda craft them like Minecraft. And it’s honestly making me want to play Fallout again.

You can also use the scraps to upgrade your weapons and modify your armor. And there’s a LOT of that.

And you can blow a ton of shit up, naturally.

And it comes out on November 10th.

GOOD LOOOOORD. That was a lot.

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