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Rock Band 4 Hits This Year

Earlier this year, the Rock Band website had thrown a small questionnaire up leading many to believe that Rock Band 4 was coming, and that it was coming soon.Thankfully, it’s much less of a guess than it is a reality now. Rock Band 4 is coming this year.

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Goodbye Club Nintendo!

Club Nintendo, in one form or another, has been a huge hit with customers of Nintendo. The concept of adding a code to most Nintendo products for redemption for virtual currency that could in return be used for downloadables and various physical goodies has become a global success and way of keeping fans of Nintendo happy long after the purchase of their new console or games. However, news hit today that Club Nintendo will be closing down.

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Playstation Vita: Honeymoon Week

I stood in line just last Friday holding a used Vita in my hands, looking at the small stack of games I had picked out and the PS4 bundles on the shelf for roughly the same price. I wondered if I would quickly regret my decision to make the purchase I was about to make. ¬†However, over the course of this past week I’ve spent more time with my Vita than I have my 3DS I adored so much when I got it nearly a year ago.

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Mid Lane Hero: Dota’s Big 6.82 Patch

MOBA’s are pretty big. With the recent The International 4 reaching a massive prize pool of nearly $11 million, it’s safe to say that changing anything would be similar to changing a rule in a sport.

Mid Lane Hero will be my venture into the MOBA genre, covering the major patches to the two big ones, Dota 2 and League of Legends as well as anything that is trying to break into the scene.

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