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Sid Meier Continues His Quest for Intergalactic Dominance in Sid Meier’s Starships

Not 3 months since Sid Meier’s latest foray into space, Firaxis Games has announced Sid Meier’s Starships, a space-strategy game that is Sid Meier’s first new IP in almost 8 years.  Continue reading Sid Meier Continues His Quest for Intergalactic Dominance in Sid Meier’s Starships

Greek Letters: Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta

One of my fondest memories of playing a pre-release game was the Halo: Reach Beta that ran for about two weeks some months before the game’s release. The changes beyond the visuals were subtle at best. But what made it so great was the feeling of familiarity that came with the game. You could give someone a controller, tell them “This is a Halo game,” and, assuming they’ve played one before, they instantly understand how the game should be played. Every change that was made to Reach was enhanced off of the typical Halo design; things like assassinations, jetpacks, and armor lock all fit with how Halo had been designed for years beforehand. So it makes sense that when I played the beta for Halo 5: Guardians, I wasn’t impressed by it’s first impression.

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Greek Letters: The Crew Beta

There has been a noticeable dearth in driving games this generation. Even EA, the kings of annualized games, just re-released last year’s Need for Speed game in a version that I personally call the “Game of Last Year Edition.” And after the catastrophic mess that was the launch of Driveclub, and the pretty good, but ultimately underwhelming Forza Horizon 2, Ubisoft’s The Crew seems the last hope for a little while.

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IntelGate: Making a big deal of a smart decision

Since ABOGJ was revived a little over a week ago, I have been careful to avoid an official stance on the GamerGate scandal. Not because I or the other authors don’t have stances on it – we all do – but because declaring one stance is both reckless and against the very reason this site was created. If we say we’re pro-GamerGate, then we risk being labelled a bunch of misogynists; if we’re anti-GamerGate, then we become associated with Social Justice and the “end of gamers.” So we have avoided taking a stance altogether, instead choosing to watch and analyze, allowing the chips to fall where they may, and holding the same standard of quality and ethics we’ve had even before this site came to be.

However, I feel that I can comment on recent events with relative safety, as the subject matter is far more cut-and-dry than the rest of GamerGate. Though before I continue, I must stress that the rest of this editorial does not reflect the opinions of the other ABOGJ authors. I have consulted with none of them during the writing of this editorial, and this admittedly very spur of the moment. That being said, let’s continue to the controversy du jour: IntelGate.

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