Some stupid kid had some stupid idea that he and his pals could change the world with a blog!

Or perhaps, we just needed some place to talk about things.

This is the guy who made this website happen. Being too stubborn to quit, he got some friends to jump on a ship already built to sink. This guy is probably nuts. But maybe, this could work. This time.

Trevor is a jerk. Yell at him on Twitter @themrderp

Or for more official business, email him at


A bigot, really. A bigot with an opinion.

Likes to complain about things that relate to his hobbies, so he quickly jumped on this boat. Why not? Oh. His hobbies. Video games.

Occasionally, you’ll catch Seth indulging in excellently executed Chinese cartoons, but please, don’t tell anyone. He also listens to vaporwave, so his opinion on anything is probably invalid. Unfortunately, with his newly discovered power, he’s going to throw it at the world and hope it sticks. (Spoiler: it doesn’t.)

You want more of him? Follow the brainless man himself @LousyPotato

Or for more official business, email him at


Gamer, amateur bio writer.


Or for more official business, email him at


Maybe! The key word in “Another Bunch of Game Journalists” is…well, “game,” I suppose, but the second key word is bunch! And three writers isn’t a bunch! So if you have an idea for an article and want it here, send it our way! We’re totally open to freelancers!

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Another Bunch of Games Journalists