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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review

When Activision found no buyers for and shut down Bizarre Creations in 2011, I was bummed for two names: Geometry Wars and Blur. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten so worked up, though, because one of those two names is back already, and it’s (almost) everything I could have hoped for. Lucid Games has been handed the keys to one of the most influential twin stick shooters, and what they’ve created is a bold entry to the Geometry Wars series that lives up to, and sometimes surpasses, the stellar reputation of its predecessors.

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Destiny Review

Seeing the seams of a game is never a good thing.

Now, usually seeing the seams is a graphical failure – seeing the skybox corners, obvious loading zones, and impossible doors to name a few. But Destiny is unique in that the seam is the game itself.

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