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Gauntlet Update Finally Provides A Reason To Play It Again

Arrowhead has been diligently updating its Gauntlet reboot since launch with balancing, fixing bugs and fleshing it out with more online features. The biggest update yet was released today, containing not only an new game mode that will hopefully lengthen its lifespan, but a new character class – a Necromancer named Lilith. Gauntlet Legends had some weird classes (Minotaur, Falconess…) but for the most part the series is known for its four iconic characters: the Warrior, the Valkyrie, the Wizard and the Elf.

The new game mode is a wave-based survival mode that will be updated with new maps and leaderboards every “season”, similar to most Blizzard games. New seasons also bring season-specific capes, which are a new cosmetic piece of equipment for your character.

The survival mode will give you more of a run for your money than most campaign levels.
The survival mode will give you more of a run for your money than most campaign levels.

Ideally this update will encourage more people to play Gauntlet and for longer, as I feel this game was really under-appreciated. As much as I want this to be the little-reboot-that-could, my hopes are not high for this attracting anyone who wasn’t already here. That sucks for those people!

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Gauntlet Review

It’s been nearly ten years since anybody’s wanted to make a Gauntlet game, and rightfully so. Fans of the series (and realists in general) would probably be safe in assuming that the pre-Dark Legacy appeal is never going to resurface but from indies. Any new, name-brand Gauntlet would come with so many modern trappings baked-in that much of the point of playing a Gauntlet game would simply be eliminated. Because of this stigma, Arrowhead Studios, the creators of Magicka and Helldivers, were probably the best developers for a new, modern Gauntlet game.

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