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Underworld Ascendant Primed For Kickstarter

Underworld Ascendant, the successor to the highly influential RPGs Ultima Underworld I & II, is officially ready to be crowdfunded. Otherside Entertainment, founded by Paul Neurath, designer of the original Underworlds, not only aims to recapture the original Underworld but also to carry on the legacy of bringing innovation.

Much is made of Ascendant’s Improvisation Engine. How exactly it’s an ‘engine’ is unclear, but the game promises to engender real possibility when it comes to its problem solving. The Kickstarter page gives the example of simply wading into a river with a killer octopus in it, throwing bait downstream then crossing, or charming a spider to carry you across.

Stretch goals include co-op, a few special familiars, a level editor, and a very interesting “Doppelganger” system that allows you to summon AI versions of your friend’s character. When you’re done with it, your friend will be able to see a highlight reel and receive rewards.

Back the Kickstarter (please) here. Image credit: IncGamers

My thoughts: The timing couldn’t be better for a new Underworld game, what with all the new “real” RPGs popping up left and right and tickling your nostalgia glands. I like the idea of continuing the legacy of innovation in the role-playing genre, and I’m excited to see Underworld possibly become a force again (even though I was barely around to see it in the first place).

Drift Stage Just Made Life Worth Living

If you haven’t heard of Drift Stage yet, as I hadn’t this morning, then prepare to have your world enlightened. It’s one of the few efforts I’ve seen to make an arcade racer that looks and feels like one, and besides Distance, it’s definitely the only good one. It’s especially telling that the alpha demo only comes with one track you race over and over… and I played it for a half hour. And I want to play it more, the only reason I stopped was to write this article.

Also, it has so much style.

As you can tell by the title, it’s all about drifting in order to manage your speed. Every time you hit a wall, you lose some of your speed meter, and can lose a gear if you lose enough meter.

The actual nuances of performing the drifting were somewhat arcane for a little while. You have to let go of the accelerator and brake, which for a while tripped me up because I didn’t realize that after that, you can let go of the brake and start accelerating again. For a while I kept losing huge amounts of speed, more speed than I would lose if I just kept slamming into walls on the sharp turns.

This might be the first Kickstarter I ever back. It’s already $16,000 beyond its goal, but $15 will get you access to the beta builds here. I think that’s what I’m going to do.

Looks Like Children of Morta Is The Next Big Indie Thing

Pixel art… check. Roguelike… check. Hack and slash… check. Crafting… check. Looks fucking great… check.

Children of Morta is all of those things. It’s the next game from Dead Mage, developers of… Garshasp: The Monster Slayer. Don’t worry though, because, well, just look at this thing:

As the trailer says, Children of Morta concerns the adventures of the Bergson family, whose job it is to protect their home Mount Morta, which has been besieged by an evil force. Its Kickstarter page really drives home the fact that this is a narrative-driven experience, and cites The Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain as examples of its approach (though I wouldn’t say that either of those games really had any more of a narrative than retrieving the Amulet of Yendor, so we’ll see).

These boss designs are incredible.

Many playable characters in the Bergson family are listed. John, the patriarch, is a traditional heavy sword/shield type. Mark, the eldest son, is a martial arts monkish character and sister Linda is the archer (though it is also stated several times that she likes to play the violin). Also listed is Kevin the rogue, Lucy the sorcerer, and Uncle Joey – a big dude with a big hammer.

Gameplay is going to consist of crawling through procedurally generated dungeons and collecting divine relics of the Mountain Gods to increase your skill. The mountain’s wildlife can also be tamed into familiars by the native Bergsons.

Children of Morta can be backed on Kickstarter starting today. Their goal is $65,000, and as of this writing they’ve already gotten $2,066 of it. Please, for the sake of video games, back this game.