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Enormous Starbound Update Now In Existence

After nearly a year of radio silence on Starbound’s stable branch, the long-awaited update has finally come. Rest assured, the developers are not lounging on a beach until the end of time with your Early Access money.

Instead, they’ve been adding new planet types, biomes and mini-biomes, a new race called Novakid for your Roland Deschain roleplay, and Outposts scattered through space to ease progression.¬†They’ve also been working on over 150 microdungeons, tons of novelty items, staves as a weapon type, and much, much more.

You can see the full list here. With the purported final character wipe having happened a couple of weeks ago, this is very much enticing me to give Starbound another go. I liked it a lot when I first played it for 13 hours one day, but groaned at the thought of character wipes and found I really just didn’t want to deal with Early Access at all. It seems to be inching ever closer toward a final product though, and this update is close enough for me – especially with the end of character wipes.

Image credit: playstarbound.com