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Rock Band 4 Hits This Year

Earlier this year, the Rock Band website had thrown a small questionnaire up leading many to believe that Rock Band 4 was coming, and that it was coming soon.Thankfully, it’s much less of a guess than it is a reality now. Rock Band 4 is coming this year.

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Tetris Ultimate Review

We all know Ubisoft isn’t exactly on a winning streak lately, so it’s barely even worth the apophasis. Despite the reliability with which they’ve been churning out garbage these days, I doubt any of us were expecting they would drop the ball this hard on fucking Tetris. Before I played Tetris Ultimate, I heard people make the same remark, and thought “yeah, yeah, but it’s probably good enough to just crank out a few rounds of Tetris now and then”. It isn’t. This game is as broken as some of the classics. Think Action 52, think E.T.

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