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A Bit Of Opinion: Pokemon Shuffle

Choices for free-to-play games are slim on the 3DS. That┬ámay make sense considering phones are a much more ubiquitous device,┬ábut when Pokemon Shuffle was announced my interest was piqued. The concept of a free, match-three Candy Crush type of thing on a 3DS wasn’t something I’d considered before, and for whatever reason, I was pretty excited to try it out. Continue reading A Bit Of Opinion: Pokemon Shuffle

Breaking: Pokemon Uranium Is A Pokemon Fan Game That Looks Good

When I woke up today I never thought I’d end up considering playing a Nintendo fan game. The internet is rife with shitty Pokemon games galore, but Pokemon Uranium is the first one that I’ve ever thought actually looks good. In fact, if this game is good, it will probably be great. Let’s run through some bullet points.

  • Original new region – Tandor. Tropical rainforest and underwater lava vents, unlike any other region in Pokemon.
  • Radiation from nuclear power plants has given rise to the new Nuclear type Pokemon. Super effective against everything, weak to everything.
  • Nuzlocke Mode allows only one Pokemon to be captured per route, disallows reviving of fainted Pokemon, and gives the option to disable Poke Marts.
  • Online Pokemon trading and Wonder Trade – get a random Pokemon every time.

Pokemon Uranium is currently free and in a beta. You can check out the website here.