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Enormous Starbound Update Now In Existence

After nearly a year of radio silence on Starbound’s stable branch, the long-awaited update has finally come. Rest assured, the developers are not lounging on a beach until the end of time with your Early Access money.

Instead, they’ve been adding new planet types, biomes and mini-biomes, a new race called Novakid for your Roland Deschain roleplay, and Outposts scattered through space to ease progression.¬†They’ve also been working on over 150 microdungeons, tons of novelty items, staves as a weapon type, and much, much more.

You can see the full list here. With the purported final character wipe having happened a couple of weeks ago, this is very much enticing me to give Starbound another go. I liked it a lot when I first played it for 13 hours one day, but groaned at the thought of character wipes and found I really just didn’t want to deal with Early Access at all. It seems to be inching ever closer toward a final product though, and this update is close enough for me – especially with the end of character wipes.

Image credit: playstarbound.com

[Updated] Dark Souls Update Moves From GFWL To Steamworks

Dark Souls’ notoriously poor PC port gets a little better today with the ability to transfer your save data and achievements from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks. Using one of a few sets of semi-cryptic instructions, you should theoretically be able to make the transition before Steamworks becomes the default version of the game on February 16. After February 16, they can’t guarantee that any of these processes will work.

All of these instructions read like something of a pain in the ass, especially with mixed word on whether or not it breaks DSfix. At least we have one month to decipher all of it.

UPDATE: DSfix has been updated to accommodate the move. 60fps should be up and running again.

Gauntlet Update Finally Provides A Reason To Play It Again

Arrowhead has been diligently updating its Gauntlet reboot since launch with balancing, fixing bugs and fleshing it out with more online features. The biggest update yet was released today, containing not only an new game mode that will hopefully lengthen its lifespan, but a new character class – a Necromancer named Lilith. Gauntlet Legends had some weird classes (Minotaur, Falconess…) but for the most part the series is known for its four iconic characters: the Warrior, the Valkyrie, the Wizard and the Elf.

The new game mode is a wave-based survival mode that will be updated with new maps and leaderboards every “season”, similar to most Blizzard games. New seasons also bring season-specific capes, which are a new cosmetic piece of equipment for your character.

The survival mode will give you more of a run for your money than most campaign levels.
The survival mode will give you more of a run for your money than most campaign levels.

Ideally this update will encourage more people to play Gauntlet and for longer, as I feel this game was really under-appreciated. As much as I want this to be the little-reboot-that-could, my hopes are not high for this attracting anyone who wasn’t already here. That sucks for those people!

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